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Locks Get Smart! How About You?

05/08/2015 Back To Blog

Do your door locks open with your smartphone? Do you still have conventional ones and use physical keys? The truth is that most people are hesitant in making the big step and pass from conventional solutions to high tech locking systems. With all their problems, most of us still trust the old style door locksets and have come to terms with the need to change them from time to time, replace the lost house keys, and deal with lockouts. Though, see what happens! While we are traveling with the bus, there is a space ship traveling to Mars. There is a huge difference and perhaps it's time we come out of our shell and see the colors of the new world. They are truly promising!


Are your deadbolts new age?

There is no denial that every brand new technological product needs some time in trial before consumers feel reassured to buy it. When we are talking about security door locks, there is no doubt that we won't be the ones making experiments on our own backs. The truth is that most new age locks are already tested and the only thing which remains to be seen is whether locks operated via internet can be hacked or not. Though, most high tech security solutions have already proven their great value. Don't forget that they were primarily targeting the business world. Companies couldn't cope without digital and biometric locks. The question is whether we need them at home, too!


Let's see what these smart locks do! They give us the convenience to get rid of keys and along with all problems associated with them. So, forget about house lockouts and key duplicates. Instead of keys, every member of your family will have a code which will be entered to allow access. The good thing is that these codes change easily. So, if your mother in law gave you trouble, just erase or change her code and lock her out of your house. Digital locks can be handled easier and won't go rusty on you.


Why shouldn't we take one more step closer to higher security with electric locks? After all, there is no need to get biometric. There are many options on the market and added security is a sure thing. In fact, adding security cameras and intercoms along deadbolt installation will only drive intruders away and that's what's important to you. If you add to that your own convenience and less trouble, smart locks are for you!

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