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What can I do to avoid being locked out of my home?

While the solutions might seem simple, no-one is perfect because situations vary wildly. However, you can take better care of your keys and belongings by always keeping track of it day in and day out. Make sure your keys are always in the same area so you know where to look.

How long does it take for conventional locks to wear out?

While it might seem that the locking mechanism you installed will be in a great condition for a long time, with so many moving parts (especially in knobs) that’s rarely the case. Locksmith Agoura Hills experts give no guarantees on how long it takes to wear out as it depends on its maintenance.

Can I install a new lock myself?

Yes, but the process involves quite a few steps that a non-professional could accidentally skip, so we do not recommend it. Either way, it is important purchase everything that you need for a new lock set: the doorknob, the latch plate, lock assembly, screws, and a set of keys. A newly installed lock should also be tested by shutting the door, locking it, unlocking it, and then opening the door.

What are the benefits of a master key?

Master keying allows you to have two different keys to open one lock. By using a Master key, you can regulate who has access to particular parts of a building, or even particular filing cabinets, while maintaining a key that can access everything. Master keys can be supplied for any situation where multiple compatible locks are needed.

Can any lock be opened?

Only on very rare occasions will a highly trained locksmith be stumped by any particular design. The vast majority of locks can be either unlocked, cracked or replaced. If you think you have a lock that might be incredibly hard to deal with, you should definitely inform your locksmith before they come out so that they can provide the correct consultation.

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