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5 Tips to keep your house safe during vacations

08/13/2014 Back To Blog

Everyone loves vacations and why wouldn't they? They are fun. How do you ensure the safety of your house while you are enjoying your holidays? The last thing that you would expect is a broken lock and a ravished home. Locksmith Agoura Hills suggests some simple measures that can protect their house during vacations. It is time to outsmart the burglars and take some effective steps towards the security of your house.


Simple tips to keep your home safe


First, you need a lock replacement contractor for your house. It is among the best measures against theft and break-ins. Moreover, you should get your locks replaced in every 2-3 years. If you are planning to install an alarm system, this is probably the best time. You can connect all your entrances together and cover every single entry point of your property. Most of the burglars would avoid entering a house with automatic door locks. They prefer easy targets and a high-security lock is the last thing they would take a chance at. Make sure to combine the alarm system with high-quality locks.5 Tips to keep your house safe during vacations

It might help to give a key of your house to your friend or relative who can visit occasionally. Ask them to turn on the lights or television for brief moments. Most importantly, ask them to collect your mail because most of the thieves check your mailbox. A large number of mails indicate absence of the homeowner and hence, a break-in attempt is possible. Security door locks combined with human efforts are a formidable combination. You should request your neighbors to keep an eye on your house and report anything unusual to the police. Make sure to check all the locks and windows before leaving the house. It is quite common to leave a door or window unlocked.

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