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4 Mistakes Causing Lock and Key Damage

07/28/2016 Back To Blog

You wake up one day only to realize you have a broken office key or house key on your hands. How did this happen? The key seemed perfectly strong, but it just snapped. Find out what to avoid doing in order to keep your locks and keys in good working condition.

Applying Force to Turn the Key

Have you ever thought about the way in which you turn the key? Most people apply pressure to the bow when turning the key on one side. This increases the risk of the key snapping considerably, especially if it is already bent. If you decide to use a little bit of force when attempting to unlock the door, apply it forward rather than to the side. In general, if you feel greater than the usual resistance when you insert or turn the key, you should get the lock repaired as soon as possible.

Using the Key as a Handle

This is a common mistake that people make when they operate a deadbolt lock. You turn the key and then you use it to push the door open. This can cause serious damage to thedoor lock and increase the risk of the key snapping in two. What should you do instead? Turn the key and hold it in the required position after you have unlocked the door. Grab the handle and push the door forward in the meantime. This kind of opening technique takes time to practice. Just remember to start applying it right after you have the deadbolt installed.

Slamming the Door to Close It

This causes the bolt to get forcefully pushed into the hole of the strike plate. As a result, the locking mechanism, which is an essential component of the door lockset and is generally quite gentle, can get damaged. In this case, lock repair may not be sufficient. You may have to have the lock changed.

Using the Key as a Tool

If you use the key for any purpose other than unlocking the door, it can get damaged even without you noticing. If you use it as a screwdriver, for example, the tip can get damaged. If you use it to open a stuck cabinet door, it can, eventually, bend and break.

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